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Healthcare Marketing and Communications

By Anthony Harrington 01 Apr 2014

In a competitive pharmaceutical marketplace, successful commercialisation of products depends on both speed to-market and meeting the objectives of a number of stakeholders. Over the past two decades the route to successful commercialisation has evolved considerably in response to the changes undergoing the pharmaceutical industry, namely declining R&D productivity, the demise of the blockbuster model, the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and increasing patient expectations.

Healthcare organisations worldwide have been forced to seek innovative approaches to optimise revenue from their products. As the stakeholder group has evolved, pharmaceutical companies are looking for the most effective ways to inform customers, whether patients, healthcare professionals or payers, about the benefits of their products, while government agencies are also seeking to increase patient awareness & education and encourage disease prevention. These factors have led to the emergence of a specialised healthcare marketing communications sector which can play a critical role in determining the success of a product, from clinical development, through launch and to maturity.

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