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Medtech 2013

By Kevin Bottomley 01 Apr 2013

The medtech market size is predicted to grow at 4.4%. (CAGR) over 2011-2018 to reach a value of $440B by 2018. Read our white paper to find out how and why.Medtech (any healthcare product, including software used to diagnose, prevent, monitor treat or alleviate disease, injury or handicap or to investigate, replace or modify anatomy or a physiological process, including in vitro diagnostics), is currently growing at around 4.5% per annum and is expected to reach $440bn per annum by 2018.

In fact, between now and 2018 medtech is expected to grow faster than patented pharmaceuticals. The drivers for this are not surprisingly real technical innovation, a growing and aging population with generally more funds to access healthcare.

An overview on medtech can be found in this white paper where we explore the high growth segments, the regulatory environment, the contribution of emerging markets to the growth of this segment and why this is a good area for investment, as well as what will happen with M&A.


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