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Artificial Intelligence and Analytics in Healthcare

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Join us in New York for breakfast on Wednesday, 1 November to discuss artificial intelligence and analytics in healthcare. Results Healthcare Partner, Martin Gouldstone will chair the expert panel including Guillermo Cecchi (IBM), James Cai (Roche), Nishant Panchal (Noteworth), Mike Merrill (HealthRhythms), and Parth Khanna (ACTO).


  • Guillermo Cecchi – Manager, Computational Psychiatry and Neuroimaging, IBM
    Guillermo pioneered the use of computational linguistics approach to quantify psychiatric conditions.
  • James Cai – Head of Data Science, Roche
    James has worked in a range of informatics areas including genomic data analysis, algorithm development, text analytics, and data mining.
  • Nishant Panchal – Co-Founder & CTO, Noteworth
    Nishant co-founded Noteworth, a company that empowers clinicians with an unprecedented level of health data clarity for patients outside of the clinic.
  • Mike Merrill – Data Scientist, HealthRhythms
    Mike has collaborated with Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, and MIT to build machine learning models that make sense of hidden behavioral signals in smartphone interactions.
  • Parth Khanna – CEO, ACTO
    Parth has a background in neuropsychology, IP law, and has two pending patents in artificial intelligence and natural language processing.


Key Points to cover

  • Artificial intelligence uses in diagnosing psychiatric and other medical conditions
  • Natural language processing and patient data
  • How artificial intelligence is transforming productivity
  • The future of artificial intelligence and analytics in wearables
  • The artificial intelligence fundraising environment


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