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GIANT Health Event 2017

Come join 1000s of passionate healthcare innovators at Europe’s largest, most valuable healthcare innovation event. At the famous Old Truman Brewery in London, England.

Martin Gouldstone will be speaking on the following panels on Day 2 of the event – 29th November:

  • 10:35 – 11:00 – Innovations in data driven healthcare: How AI is paradoxically poised to bring the human element back to health care. Artificial Intelligence vs. intelligent augmentation in healthcare.
  • 3:00 – 4:00 – Fireside chat on positioning a med-tech enterprise for IPO or sale.

Help Before You Know You Need It? Is Artificial Intelligence the Stethoscope of the 21st Century?

Machines are now able to identify the genomic information of brain tumours without a biopsy using deep learning. Neural Networks can recognise skin cancer lesions at the accuracy level of an
expert dermatologist and the triaging and support of mental health patients using intelligent agents could be the next frontier for underfunded community support services. Everything from
developing drugs to detecting health insurance fraud will be impacted by data science and artificial intelligence, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what matters most: diagnosis
and treatment. But at what cost? Does it amplify the best parts of humanity, or erode them?

Is AI an existential threat to humanity or the AI-assisted healthcare system we need?

Join US Ai and their friends for an in-depth day on the current state of AI in healthcare;

What does the near-future of automated healthcare look like? Healthcare automation—benefits, limitations, where the industry is headed. The role of machine learning in precision medicine. How AI is enabling drug discovery & research. Chatbots for use in clinical decision support. Deep Learning-driven advancements in medical imaging & diagnostics. The cultural and ethical implications of health care powered by AI. Meet the startups changing the healthcare landscape…..and much more!




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