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Investment and M&A matchmaking in pharma and biotech

2017 was a record breaking year for VC funding into biotech, with 23andMe being backed by Sequoia – making it the biggest financing of a VC-backed genetics company ever. However, the biotech industry is one of incredible innovation and uncertainty. A double-edged sword that could mean millions of pounds down the drain with nothing to show at the end, or millions of pounds in the bank if all plans come to fruition.

So how can companies, both small and large find a match made in biotech heaven when it comes to investment and M&A? What’s needed for the small companies to attract large organisations to consider acquiring them – and what do the bigger companies look out for when it comes to the ‘perfect acquisition.’


In this webinar, you will be hearing from industry experts, getting to understand:

  • Investment and M&A trends they’re seeing in biotech and pharma
  • What big organisations should, and do look for when considering a potential investment or acquisition
  • How smaller companies can position themselves to stand out to potential acquirers
  • Q&A with expert panellists.

Speakers are:

  • James West – Vice President at Results Healthcare
  • Martin Gouldstone – CBO at BenevolentAI
  • Jurgen Vollrath – President at Exponential Technology Counsel


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